MOTHER KIDNAPS CHILDREN AND  BUILDS HIDING PLACES IN HOUSE  TO HIDE THEM  Mothers will stop at nothing to get child  support and false allegations of and  brainwash the children to make sure they  get to hold the children hostage for  money.  Parental Alienation and  Parental Kidnappings are horrible  forms of legalized child abuse which  is not only supported but promoted by  Law Enforcement, Attorneys, Courts  and even CPS.  Men drive women  over the edge, women drive men over  the edge ... but look even deeper and  you will see the government, Law  Enforcement, Attorneys, Courts and  even CPS driving the mother and  father over the edge.  Two, three and  four jobs just to pay child support,  eight days visitation per month, forced  counseling and much more when the  allegations of abuse were unfounded  by either law enforcement or the  courts but proved by a single CPS  case worker.  Children being removed from homes by force, adopted out the biological families and for profit  schemes which are proving a pattern of corruption and deception by the very agencies that claim to be protecting  our youth. Enough of the single sided news about men being the only abusers.  I can show you one-for-one videos of mothers  abusing children the same as fathers.  Stop the bias, discrimination and slander of men and Fathers!
WOMEN’S HEALTH TEACHES HOW TO SPANK A CHILD The irony to this story is that women not only are permitted to spank but  promoting the spanking of children where if a man is seen spanking his  children it is abuse.  The media is brainwashing the public every day that  Fathers are abuser and mothers are abused because Child Support is  the new Social Security honey pot for the government to rob the people  from.  Likewise, women permit their boyfriends and new husbands to  punish children that are not their biological children as if they were their  own.  In some cases the mothers are not only permitting abuse by the  step-fathers and boyfriends but they are promoting it.  Another form of  abuse is where mothers hold the children hostage for child support to  inflict their malicious revenge upon the child’s fathers.  Mothers are just  1/2 of the parenting puzzle.  Without the Father in the picture many  mothers turn their children from a parent child relationship into a parent  parent relationship.  But in almost everyone of these cases this happens  because the Father is no longer a part of the family.  Neither Law  Enforcement, Attorneys, Judges or even CPS can replace a parent (mother or father) even though they do not see their Nazi  Gestapo tactics as causing harm to anyone “who didn’t deserve it.  Click on photo to see the link  INJUSTICE PAGE INJUSTICE IS NOT JUSTICE LAW ENFORCEMENT  100 years ago the sheriff would ride out to your house, walk up on the porch, knock on the door (like a man), set down with  you and discuss the weather, your family health and well being even before he would bring up what he was really there for.   You would show up to court and if charged go to jail.  But today a dozen cops show up, smash through your door, slam you to  the ground and beat you, cuff you and put you in a car, take you to jail and finger print you without a single court date to prove  that you have committed a crime.  Today law enforcement denigrates the victims with statements such as; ‘He’s complaining’ or ‘we don’t know what to do with  your court orders here.’   Indifference, ignorance, or ‘your orders have no wright nor merit here.  This is a failure to serve and  protect that pours salt on the victims wounds.  A Folsom, California, police dispatcher said, ‘if you don’t have a California  court order your Georgia court order is not enforceable in California.’  You have to remember that most victim parents are not  law enforcement, attorneys, or work in a court.  So what you take for granted when you say something can be blow things out  of proportion.  In this scenario I was thrown under a new bus again because my X runs-a-way every 6 months to 2 years.   The next level of what our nation was going to try to keep me from my family was that I was going to have to travel and pay  court costs in all 50 states just in case my X were to move there too. In San Bernardino California a Sheriffs deputy who assumed that I was abusing my spouse and children pulled me aside and  started instructing me on who to abuse my family without leaving any incriminating marks.  I was shocks that someone who  took an oath to serve and protect was actually giving advice on how to break the law AND get away with it.  But the ultimate  was when I witnessed payoffs and corruption in Southern Georgia.  They are so bold about their good ole boys and their  discrimination against Yankees that they made little effort to conceal it.  Likewise what is said face to face is more times than  not written down wrong and later misrepresents what you said.  I am not saying that there are not good cops out there because they are.  Honor, integrity, morality, and honesty are the core  values of a good cop but determining who is good and who is bad anymore is not black and white.  One young officer was  impressed by the work that I have done for Fathers and children but by the time we got to court he showed that he was not  man enough to do the right thing.  ATTORNEYS  Attorneys have no place in family courts because they are not only stealing money from the children, but in many cases are  informing one side to make false accusations against the other, hiding and destroying evidence and driving the divorce ax  deeper into the family wound.  Attorneys do not care about the children or they would not take sides with either parent.    False allegations are an easy win when a women turns on the tears.  District attorneys rarely hesitate to take a case against  an abusive Father but once they find out the allegations were false they leave the Father even more victimized and are not  willing to go after the mother.  Courts and law enforcement are funded by our government to pursue specific crimes.  This is  nothing shy of bribing the judge and the law enforcement.  Here is the proof!  Listen as a Southern Georgia attorney advising  the mothers to interfere with visitation of the non-custodial Fathers.  You want to call me a liar?  Here’s the proof:  THE PROOF WILL SET YOU FREE   Attorney's are robbing our children and holding them hostage for money. Each time an attorney takes one or two attorney's  take both sides the children are the ones who suffer. The financial blood letting of one spouse effects the children just as  much as a custody/visitation order. Attorney's are the leading cause of hostage children. An attorney came up with the idea  that the 2nd and 4th weekend of the month was an easy way to calculate when a visitation was supposed to happen but an  attorney does not care about the best interests of a child…only that he took money from the father.  I was informed that it would cost up to $10,000 to be represented by an attorney in the family courts. Even at this price you  are not guaranteed that you will receive any better outcome. The only thing I didn't win (without the aid of an attorney) was  physical custody of my son). I did not have to pay spousal support, or even attorney's fees (boy was he hot). I showed the  courts respect and did my research. If you don't know the legal process, the laws, etc. you will find yourself sinking fast and  could lose everything that you are fighting for.  I was facing a self-proclaimed extortionist who utters false statements and uses his knowledge of the law to do evil deeds.  Georgia's Coffee County has been the subject of FBI, U.S. Attorney and many other agencies investigations for their outright  corruption. The court will tell you as Attorney George McCranie IV told me ignorance is not a defense however, when he was  charged with a long list of crimes he cried that he could not be held accountable for his actions because he was ignorant of  the fact that he was being recorded. Isn't that claiming "ignorance" too? Just one more example of the double standards of  justice. News Story 1  News Story 2  At some point, one would think, they would loose their license to practice law for something like this. Attorney's hold our  children hostage for money and therefore attorney's who practice family law should receive a set rate. I also believe that our  children should also have an attorney representing them to ensure that neither parents attorney's have violated the rights of  the child(ren). I was brought up that if you didn't do anything wrong then you didn't need an attorney, but you had to be able to  back up who you were. Your conduct, your character, your honor, discipline and faith will be challenged by those who hold a  profession of anything but truth and honesty.  When I went to my first law school I couldn't wait to become an attorney. Fighting for truth, justice, and what was right. But I  soon discovered that many attorneys are like used car salesmen. Lies, bribes, payoffs, hiding and destroying evidence was  the only way the majority of attorneys could win cases is what was implied. Destroying the other party was the only way they  would win cases. It had nothing to do with justice or protecting children. And therefore I never became an attorney. Attorneys  coach women/mother into filing false claims against fathers and involve their children to get an easy win. Once someone has  been charged with something they are automatically considered guilty even if the charges are dropped.  Some attorneys are like bad contractors. They want the money up front and then do nothing after that. Depending on which  side you are on depends on how hard they are going to work for you also. Typically a defense will work really hard for you  because they have to disprove/discredit anything the prosecution throws at them. If this means finding an destroying  evidence, discrediting witnesses, or even paying off people to get DUI convictions removed from their records. It is those  attorneys who make the victims feel victimized all over again. Having no honor, integrity or respect and caring only about  money turn them into mindless devices of abuse and torture.  There was a time when justice meant something (and I don't mean lynching). It's simply evidence that was presented and  weighed. Right? Not in every case. Far too many cases are simply given the assembly line treatment. "He's the father" or  "just look at him." Prejudicial looks, gestures and statements to inflict presumption of guilt or that the father is guilty until  proven guilty. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?  After not receiving justice in Southern Georgia I finally retained an attorney who proved that no matter how much money you  spend you can never rule out corruption, discrimination, bias, greed or any other of the human gluttony or greed traits. At the  Rainwater and Gibbs office in Cordele, Georgia, I retained McManus who almost immediately proved that he was not only  corrupt, but not going to defend my son and I in accordance with his duties and responsibilities that he swore to the state of  Georgia Barr Association. Making statements such as, “You are not legally deprived, as long as you get the visitation the  Judge outlined. You play such a victim!” This is someone who is being paid to defend my case? Why is he playing the on the  defenses side? Be wary of attorneys who don’t have their name on the door…there might be a good reason.  This man not only “misplaced” the key article of evidence that was entrusted to their firm, but informed me that he was  working with the competitions attorney to help the prosecutions side, was unable to get any of the facts of the case correct  and repeatedly stated that he only wanted out of the case. He informed me that “It’s an old Southern tradition” that Judges of  Southern Georgia would want someone to keep the child in Georgia even knowing that the education systems were some of  the worst in the nation. He continued by making reference to one case where the Southern Georgia court took a child back  who was failing classes in another state so he could excel in Georgia. That is was an old Southern custom. If the attorney  does not want the job he should not sign up for it and all moneys that he has taken should be returned. This is no different  from a contractor who does not complete their contract.  This is no different from when my life was threatened when I was trying to remove my Southern born son from the state of  Georgia. The statement, “you ain’t from around here” is the common, open, discriminatory statement given to anyone they  suspect is a Yankee. Southern Georgians consider a Yankee from Ohio to be the lowest form of life (as best stated in the  movie G.I. Jane – you’re the new Niger). Any state, county or city that participates in such open hatred, bias, discrimination  and racism should not be permitted to hear cases in those locations due to the prejudicial environment which could not serve  justice. The irony is that in this entire time that I have been fighting for children’s rights I have never discriminated against any  culture, color, race, nationality, religion, or anything. I have fought to speak out about the horrible injustice that they too talk  about.  JUDGES & COURTS  Judges are adding to the misery of non-custodial parents by muddying the water and confusing the victim child(ren) and the  victim non-custodial parent/guardian.  Ignorance of the law is not a defense for either the prosecution or defense but is alive  and well in law enforcement and judges who are even paid to inform some crimes while being advised to ignore others.  The  phrase, ‘justice is best served cold’ only compounds the trauma and victimizing punishment of being a non-custodial  parent and encouraging mothers in their unjust enrichment.  To judges and law enforcement children are ‘nothing more than just a civil matter,’ a nuisance call and a waist of their  time because none of them are head accountable for their actions in this equation.  Judges look for any way to remove one  parent from the family equation and since men are the money makers they get the ‘you’re it’ box checked because that way  child support can be injected into state budgets and federal budgets.    I was warned by the law enforcement of Southern Georgia that without an attorney that I would not get justice.  But neither  the office, nor the clothing make the man (or woman) sitting in the judges seat it is the man or woman and the blood is solely  on their hands when they obstruct justice.  You are warned not a speak out about the judges, courts, attorneys, law  enforcement, cps, etc. because you will not receive justice.  I can say that there is only one family court judge that I have ever been in front of that was unbiased, did not discriminate and  served justice.  My highest honor and respect go out to Solano County Judge Cynda UngerWhile Southern California courts  and judges tried to show that their court was more powerful than that of the Northern California holding closed courts, double  jeopardy, violation of due process, constitutional rights and laws Judge Unger acted in the highest professional manner trying  to uphold the oath that she took as a judge.  Best Interest of the Child’ is not what the court upholds in most states.  When a Father proves that  the mother is interfering with visitation, communications and his legal rights the judge simple says,  ‘do it again and I will fine you.’  Judge Gillis in Southern Georgia advised my X once that he would  throw her in jail and twice that he would fine her for her contempt if she continued.  But not ONCE did  he do anything to her.  Both the magistrate and civil judge used ignorance of the law when they over  looked latest modified codes.  Georgia modified its codes to read Georgia Civil Code 19-9-22  ‘Custody’ also means visitation.  When I filed a protective order for our 2 year old son in Southern Georgia I was thrown in jail.  The  magistrate who threw me in jail later recused herself when I filed for interstate interference charges  against my X.  Men are held accountable while women are set free.  Look at the statistics.  Unless  the mother is selling illegal drugs the arrest, conviction and sentence carried out are drastically lower  than that of men.  1 in 142 US residents now in prison (or about 2 million) are men.  Of those 2 million  Males were incarcerated at the rate of 1,309 inmates per 100,000 U.S. men, while the female  incarceration rate was 113 per 100,000 women residents. Women are just not being held accountable.  This bias and discrimination in our justice system that is funding of the  Fathers to Felons’ programs and the ignorance of justice by our judges must be stopped!  In the courts there are steps  (procedures) that must happen in specific order. Paperwork that must be completed and filed correctly or you can lose face  and ground with the Judge. Do not denigrate (talk down or bad about) your partner in is not tolerated. Do not talk to  the other party...always to the Judge. Show the Judge respect and I have found that they will return it to you. If a judge gives  you custody of your children do not hesitate to pick them up immediately. Any lost time could not only cost you custody but  years of trials and tribulations from false allegations of your spouse to prevent turning over the children as I found out.  More and more courts today are seeing that justice is not being served and that not having an attorney is no excuse for not  receiving justice. The child is the victim in almost every case. Northern California has made tremendous efforts to help  families. Justice is not what you can pay for but what is right and just. But when funding is at stake you will also find malicious  prosecution. In San Bernardino California men are being forced through a bias, double jeopardy system so they can have  money. In Georgia attorney's seem to be running things. There are no standard forms which leaves everyone open to horrible  injustices (especially the kids). People and attorneys will not hesitate to inform you that you will NOT receive justice without  an attorney in Georgia. Each time a judge verbalizes an order the attorney's manipulate it to read what they want and if you  are not careful you will sign something that is a horrible injustice to yourself and your children. I have refused to sign any of  the orders created by the opposing side because of the gross errors and omissions of their documents. Judges secretaries  just rubber stamp things with the judges names on them regardless of the consequences to the children and can simply veto  something with paperwork from the other side if they don't like what is said.  Some courts do not want justice to be served. They prevent anyone from bringing anything into the courtrooms that contains  electronic evidence, do not video their proceedings ensuring that there is no evidence of wrong doing by the court. Some of  the courts ignore the "best interests of the child even when there is no doubt that the court’s decision is wrong and leads to a  life of torture from the abusive custodial parent. Many courts have standard forms which make divorces and child custody an  easy and less painful process. However, Georgia is not one of those states. The attorney appear to run the show and the  judges just follow along.  Be wary of a judges who tells you to "just sign and return it" anything created by the opposing side because once you sign it  you have agreed with what it says. It any case where there is grey areas that are not clearly defined by the courts orders they  are simply reduced to an "oversight," "a misunderstanding" or "mis-communications." No resolution or restitution is offered for  the time lost between the father and child(ren). "If you had been represented by an attorney," is one statement made that  really got me thinking. It is because of her attorneys, the courts and the laws of this country that we are being subjected to  such torture. "Justice is best served cold." Believe me the darkest regions of space cannot compare to what fathers and  children are put through.  Judges, law enforcement and attorney's know which laws are biased and discriminatory but they do not take actions to bring  about change to stop these injustices. They simply permit them to continue and continue to enforce the broken laws that  continue to destroy so many families. Judges are even keeping law enforcement from taking reports for interference with  visitations. Visitation typically gives a non-custodial parent 8 days with their child per month and it does not matter to them  what the long term effect will be on the child(ren). It is the guideline to be followed because children are "nothing more than a  civil matter." When a man defending himself has to inform the judge of his state's laws what does that mean about what he  thinks about your case? Courts are paid money to run fathers through the system and the more times a father can be run  through the system the better for them.  Judge Gillis, of Coffee County, Georgia, has his secretary just rubber stamp his name on everything permitting gross errors  and omissions in justice while his daughter does his transcriptions. But you try to give everyone the respect, courtesy and  opportunity to do the right thing. After filing four (4) contempt actions, one (1) protective order, and two (2) modifications of  custody the Coffee County Court Judge has never fined, incarcerated or imposed any punishment upon the perpetrator.  However, when I filed a protective order to prevent the abuse to my son they did not hesitate to throw me in jail. Although the  charges were dropped they had made their point that this Damned Yankee ain’t welcome here.  In 2007/2008, Judge Gillis asked that I read and send back a signed copy of the orders before they were filed.  When he  asked why I had not signed and returned the orders I informed Judge Gillis that there were gross errors and omission in the  orders created by the opposing party.  In 2009, Judge Gillis failed to follow due process by bypassing his own orders by  ordering me to ‘just sign and send back the opposition attorneys orders’ that the defense attorney’s filed.  In 2010  Judge Gillis no longer serviced the opposing attorneys documents on me but also just signed them himself (or his secretary)  regardless of my rights to fair, impartial, unbiased justice.  Likewise Judge Gillis said he is tired of our case coming in front of  his court and that from now on that he wanted us to go through his office.  If justice was served then this case would not have  been on his desk ever again.  But his failure to administer fair and impartial justice by never holding my X accountable she  continued to violate the visitation and communication orders as well as the communications.  CPS (Child Protective Services) / DSC (Department of Children Services) / DCFS (Department of Children and  Family Services)  DCSS (Department of Child Support Services), DCSE ((Department of Child Support Enforcement), etc.  The department of children services is above any legal responsibility to our nation or its victims.  Snatching children without  just cause, holding private court and forcing parents and children to horrible crimes that are not permitted any other agency.   Such abuses of power have results in child murder, forced illegal adoptions, and much more.  But our nation not only permits  but promotes it. NANCY SCHAFER The department of children and family services openly discriminated against my disabilities in Douglas, Georgia.  Although  the employee was terminated no justice was served but a clear pattern for the bias, discrimination and injustice that was  going to take place.  SENATE INVESTIGATION OF CPS  PLANNED PARENTHOOD  Planned parenthood is a government funded organization that provides free abortion to mothers among other services.   However, Fathers are not notified of any their biological children being aborted by this agency.  Women can simple go in a get  the ‘morning after pill’ and go about their life having just killed one or more.  Most recently Planned Parenthood was in the  national media for supporting under age sex trafficking.  O’Reilly Factor  President Obama Ronald Reagan said the 9 most dangerous words are: "I'm from the government and I'm here to help." Although a Father has no right to force a mother to have an abortion I ask you why the Father does not have the right to be  informed?  Why does the Father not have the right to support or object to the slaughter of his biological child which in most  cases the mother has never informed him of the pregnancy or the abortion.  This is just one more example of how this nation  has removed Fathers from the Family.  SCHOOLS  Our nation has turned our schools into mini-prisons.  Using fences, metal detectors, guards and even prison verbiage like;  ‘detention’ and ‘LOCKDOWN.’  Both children and criminals are shipped on buses with large labels on them and requiring  uniforms and compliance with dictated standards for which the staff is more guilty of violating than the children.  Even the  children know what is bing done to them is not right.  But the government just keeps making more rules to divide and destroy.   Teachers have more power over children than non-custodial Fathers do.  DOCTORS  Doctors have more power over children than non-custodial Fathers do.  Doctors are not required by law to provide notice of  appointments to both biological parents/guardians.  This makes it nearly impossible for a non-custodial Father to know  anything about the health and welfare of his child(ren).  Even when we have joint legal custody if I receive notice of a medical  appointment it typically is less than 24 hours notice.  My X also runs-a-way from doctors.  So when a doctor tells her  something she doesn’t want to hear she just moves our child to the next doctor.  SOCIAL SECURITY  If you try to obtain any information about your children from the Social Security Administration they tell you that without proof  like; current medical documents that they will not release the information about the where-a-bouts of your children to you.   Being that the mother can just kidnap the child(ren) leaving you no forwarding address or notice it is even more impossible for  you to locate your children since the government is also aiding the injustice. 
In this video a mother not only 700,000 children will be abducted each year and some children will be abducted  repeatedly by their own parents.  Of those 350,000 child were kidnapped by a parent.  Most states don’t have laws  or even care about this issue because children are “NOTHING MORE THAN A CIVIL MATTER.”  The following  video falls short of saying what ratio that children are ABDUCTED and KIDNAPPED by the mothers vs. the fathers  which is instrumental to resolving these forms of child and spousal abuse.
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