Mommy, where’s                            ? MOTHERS  Custodial mothers are given the ‘get our of jail FREE’ card for almost everything.  Interfering with visitation,  communications, legal rights and any other punishment that they want to inflict upon the Father (a.k.a. non-custodial  spouse).  When I reported the physical and sexual abuse and neglect of my son I was arrested even though I had proof.   However when my X doesn’t show up for visitation, communications, etc. the judge just says, ‘if you don’t comply I can fine  you.’  If that was a Father standing up there he would get the maximum the judge could impose.  Feminist organizations refute that Parental Alienation exists or that women are leading child kidnapping 9:1 over men.  The  Nation Organization of Women says that parental alienation is a Phony Disorder.  But wait a new trend is also emerging of  women against women.  What women abusing other women?  Yes, step-mothers are also making headlines as those  women try to alienate children of their new boyfriends/husbands child(ren) (a.k.a. - her step children) from their biological  mothers).  Dr Phil Show Custody Calculations Having to deal with another woman being around your boyfriend/husband causes tension in many relationships especially  when one or both cannot get along.  Mothers permitting or men and/or step-fathers to punish children that are not your own  has been reported to have higher abuse than biological parent punishment.    So why are women more likely to kidnap the children.  Here are some of the reasons that fathers have had such a bias and  discrimination place against them?  Money Revenge Malice Hatred Attorneys work harder for a women because in most case the man is the only one who can pay the attorney fees  and court costs, etc.  The freeloading mothers get away with murder while the father is given the proverbial blood  letting. False allegations are an easy win when a women turns on the tears.  District attorneys rarely hesitate to take a  case against an abusive Father but once they find out the allegations were false they leave the Father even more  victimized and are not willing to go after the mother.  Courts and law enforcement are funded by our government to  pursue specific crimes.  Besides attorneys advice women to make the allegations for an easy win.  Place your bets  on the mothers because INJUSTICE is 99% in the mothers favor.  BABIES FOR BANK Babies for bank’ is used for women who have created their own job of being a baby mill.  Welfare, child support, and food  stamps are even more government programs which promote single mothers and when you throw in state laws which  prevent Fathers from having any rights to their biological children born our of wedlock pours salt on Children’s and Father’s  wounds.  How many of these mothers have been in court because they were drinking and partying all hours of the day and  night while the children were home alone?  Every 9 months or so I can increase my income without ever having to get a  job. HOSTAGE CHILDREN Women are focused on one thing in a divorce and that is money.  I want the house, I want the SUV, I want the kids  (because I’ll get money).  They don’t care about the kids but their lifestyle and being embarrassed in front of their girlfriends  if she shows up without getting at least half.  But within weeks they have new boyfriends or a new husband who now is  providing additional income to her bank account.  FALSE ALLEGATIONS  Feminist also don’t want you to know the number of false abuse claims filed every year either.  Just turn on the tear and  turn up the acting and they are automatically a victim accusing a Father in our ‘guilty until proven guilty’ society.  District  Attorneys who file false allegations against a Father just give the mother are given the ‘get our of jail FREE’ card and  ignore the injustice that they just served having no responsibility to ensure justice is served to the children or the Father.  BRAIN WASHING  Your Daddy doesn’t love you and is never coming back for you.’  ‘I told you he didn’t want you.’  Are all statement  that my X made while ‘why didn’t you show up’ and ‘what doctors appointment’ are statements that I’ve made.  “Who told  you to say you scare me?”  “Mommy.”  But a 4 year olds statements cannot be used as testimony.  You must wait until  the mother has had eight or more years to program a child before the child will even be considered a person with any rights  in the United States. Mommy told me to say you scare me.  I know you’ve told me that mom is interfering, mom quit it, mom quit it, ... FATHER DOES NOT MEAN CHILD SUPPORT & ALIMONY FATHERS  Child support is causing hostage children because Father does not mean child support or alimony.  This concept has  changed women's view of marriage from a lifelong commitment to a temporary inconvenience with benefits upon divorce.   Crimes against children must not be tolerated or supported.  But I must also say that step-fathers also interfere as well.  Having to deal with another man being around your  girlfriend/wife causes tension in many relationships especially when one or both cannot get along.  Step parents using  corporal punishing on step-children has been reported to have higher abuse than biological parent punishment.  So why are women more likely to kidnap the children.  Here are some of the reasons that fathers have had such a bias and  discrimination place against them?  Fathers work one or more jobs while women typically stay at home.  Fathers are used to correct/punish (the bad cop) while mothers keep their nurturing side (good cop).  Many Father don’t want the responsibility of being the parent (seeing it as a woman’s place).  Pregnancy, birth and breast feeding create a bond between women and children.  Men keep their distance and don’t easily show their emotions like women.  Children and divorce equals money to a woman so they will fight for every penny.  Because of the bias and discrimination against Fathers men see courts and attorneys as a threat and a financial  blood letting.  The more the Father fights the more it will cost.  Attorneys don’t want cases against mothers because don’t work and cannot pay the attorney fees and court costs  like a man could. False allegations are an easy win when a women turns on the tears.  District attorneys rarely hesitate to take a case  against an abusive Father but once they find out the allegations were false they leave the Father even more  victimized and are not willing to go after the mother.  Courts and law enforcement are funded by our government to  pursue specific crimes. The entire justice system is 99% AGAINST Fathers (a losing hand)  You want to talk statistics?  In my case along you have (1) Father, (2) mothers and (4) children.  100% of the mothers  violate our rights to visitation and communications, leaving the children and Father victims to their ‘get out of jail FREE  pattern of contempt which is ignored, promoted and defended by the courts and law enforcement.  But let me give even  more statistical analysis.  Two step-fathers interfered (because the mothers interfered), 1 out of 6 judges was trustworthy,  unbiased and did not discriminate, 2 out of 10 law enforcement officers made no errors in their reports or testimony, 1 out of  5 attorneys fought an honest and honorable fight.    How many children assume that their Fathers are who their mothers told them they really were.  In roughly 10 years I have  spoken to many children who assumed that their Fathers were the ‘dead beat Dad’s’ that their mothers programmed them  to believe only to find out later that their mothers had lied about much of the what they were told about their biological  Fathers. 50/50 CUSTODY  50/50 custody means that the children matter.  It also means that while the child(ren) are in your care and custody that you  pay and while the child(ren) are in my care and custody I pay.  We still share the medical, dental, and education expenses.   This eliminates child support helping keep Fathers in the family and out of jail, while increasing Father activity with their  children.  PARENTAL RELOCATION  Tennessee Civil Code 36-6-108 reads ‘If a parent who is spending intervals of time with a child desires to relocate outside  the state or more than one hundred (100) miles from the other parent within the state, the relocating parent shall send a  notice to the other parent at the other parent's last known address by registered or certified mail. Unless excused by the  court for exigent circumstances, the notice shall be mailed not later than sixty (60) days prior to the move. The notice shall  contain the following:       (1)  Statement of intent to move;       (2)  Location of proposed new residence;       (3)  Reasons for proposed relocation; and       (4)  Statement that the other parent may file a petition in opposition to the move within thirty (30) days of  receipt of the notice.  But one thing is still missing and this is being REQUIRED to file the existing visitation, custody and support orders with the  new (local) courts so that they may be in effect and enforceable.  My X arrived in California in Nov of 2011 and still has not  registered the court orders and the local law enforcement (2,500 miles away) says that someone has to file them with the  court in that state for them to be able to be enforced.  It should be in this civil code that the relocating parent must also file  said orders with the local law enforcement/court within 24 hours of arriving in that state or it is an act of Interstate  Interference which will be pursued by both states not the non-custodial/non-relocating parent.  To fail to do any of these  items is an act of kidnapping and nothing less.  Attorney, Judges, and relocating parents compound the issue of parental  kidnapping if they do not perform their duties and responsibilities which are clearly laid out in black and white.  When the  dispatcher for the Folsom, California police department said I had no right to see my son because I didn’t have a California  court order was an act of interference by a law enforcement agency because it is their job to know the law.  FORCED FATHERS  The following was taken from the US Department of Health and Human Services website:  States' Definitions of 'Father'  There is no standard definition for the word 'father' in statutes across the States. Approximately five States, the  District of Columbia, American Samoa, and the U.S. Virgin Islands provide no definitions for the term at all.2  However, most States have definitions for the various categories of unmarried fathers. The term 'putative father' is  defined in statute in 12 States.3 With some variation in language, the term 'putative father' generally means a man  whose legal relationship to a child has not been established but who is alleged to be or claims that he may be the  biological father of a child who is born to a woman to whom he is not married at the time of the child's birth.  In approximately 22 States and the Northern Mariana Islands, a man may be presumed to be the father of a child in  any of the following circumstances:  o He and the child's mother are or were married to each other, and the child is born during the  marriage or within 300 days after the marriage ended. o Before the birth of the child, he and the child's mother attempted to marry, and the marriage is or  could be declared invalid, and the child is born during the marriage or within 300 days after the  marriage is terminated. o With his consent, he is listed as the father on the child's birth certificate.  o He has acknowledged his paternity in writing.  o He is obligated to support the child, either by voluntary agreement or court order.  The Court of the  Honorable Jerry Springer  o While the child is a minor, he has resided with the child and openly claimed the child as his  biological child.  Wouldn’t this be hearsay unless he admitted to saying it?   Access to Information  Access to information maintained in registries also varies from State to State. Many jurisdictions permit certain  persons access to registry records. In general, these are people with a direct interest in a case. Typically, persons  entitled to access include birth mothers, courts, attorneys, licensed adoption agencies, prospective adoptive parents,  State departments of social services, State offices of child support enforcement, registries of States, or any other  person upon a court order for good cause.  I do not see anything about the father in this paragraph.  Why is  the father not included as having the right to access the information about children that are ‘defined’ as  his?  CHILDREN  But let’s also take a look at the third factor in the family equation...The Children.  When they are infants they scream, cry  and poop.  When they are toddlers they are into everything.  But when they become teens they can be the root of evil in a  family too.  Sex, drugs and rock and roll is what your grandparents always warn youngsters about but is that because they  know those things can cause harm from their bible studies or because they too destroyed lives when they were teenagers.   When teenage girls act out it is usually just a tantrum and a slur of “I Hate You” statements.  But teenage girls are at a point  in their lives where sex, drugs and bad choices are at the highest level and in a large number of cases Fathers are saying  be good and don’t do that while mothers are saying “don’t listen to him do what ever you want.”  “Girls just want to have  fun” is a loaded statement that mothers make to daughters which has much the same consequences as “it’s our little  secret” does from fathers.  If a Father says “No” the typical response is “mom said I could.”   When the daughter gets in  trouble it is “Daddy save me.”  But during the drama trauma of teenage girls tempting sex with older men, dressing  inappropriately, bad boyfriends and even trying drugs usually leads to teen pregnancies and men over the age of 18 going  to jail.  Children steal from their parents, take medications, and tell the parents what to do.  Teenage boys are simple.  Give them a yard to mow, a motor to work on and a pool to swim in and they will, for the most  part, stay out of trouble.  When teenage boys in troubles it is typically a braking traction offense as they are spinning their  tires, getting into a fight with other boys and getting a girl pregnant.  But since neither the mother nor the Father has “the  talk” with the son he goes along in life unaware that things are about to take a wild turn.  When we had our sex education  class in school all of us “boys” sat at the lunchroom table trying to figure out which finger the condom went on.  That was  some quality education there.  Boys don’t have to worry about dropping out of high school if they get pregnant but if taught  correctly they will not be getting girls pregnant and you can reduce the number of boys who abuse girls (which will in turn  reduce the number of men who abuse women).  Education is a highly useful tool if it is not controlled, limited or  manipulated.  G-string and thongs are nothing only being promoted by the mothers as sexy and a must have to get the “right man” (like  they know) but is also being promoted by the industry itself.  Schools and Planned Parenthood are also promoting teen sex  and even provide contraception free of charge.  Young girls (12-15 average), like their mothers, get the “get out of jail  FREE” card too when they choose online names and trolling the chat sites for men who will talk dirty to them or even meet  them for sex.  Their mothers are the ones telling them that older men are stable and know what they are doing while  Fathers are holding a baseball bat and saying back off.  In most households the mother gives the daughters “the talk” about  the birds and the bees but who monitors, limits or controls what they say?  It’s all just a game until they get caught and then  they play the rape card and turn up the victim drama while the man who was lured in was just another fish in the net goes to  jail.  Funny how for a man to be arrested for hiring a prostitute he has to say “how much” or something to that affect but  when a girl online (who he has no idea how old she is) is going after him it was his fault.  How many times have you ever  carded your date?  How many ways do you have to check if the ID is fake?  How many clubs catch teenage girls with fake  IDs?  But it’s only the guys who are doing anything wrong.  SEX, DRUGS & ROCK-&-ROLL  I did a research project into the pornography industry which caused me to take a stand and write the President of the  United States.  There was not only clear and convincing evidence that the porn industry was targeting 8 year old children  but that the White House was in on it. used to be a porn site until my letter got them shut down.  In  my letter I explored what any child who came home with a homework assignment from school or just while trying to raise  their intelligence would experience on the internet.  If the child chose just about any subject graphic sex was going to pop  up in their face.  But my project wasn’t just to see how perverted (polluted) the data had become but also to try to put a stop  to “accidental exposer” of children.  If an adult exposes a child to pornography then their are crimes and punishments...but  a porn peddler has no such liabilities or consequences.  So I drafted a plan to remove ANYTHING pornographic from the  WWW net.  “WWW” is what you typically type before a internet address like  In the document (which I sent to our President at the time) I also drafted the outline for not only removing it from the WWW but also a plan for placing  it on the XXX net.  In the plan EVERYONE who accessed the XXX net would have to provide minimum proof of age and  other materials, which is only a lock to keep honest people honest, but is more than is currently in place.  Today an innocent child on the internet is 100% likely to find adult materials.  My approach was that 0% of children could find adult material on  the internet without either the aid of an adult or a violation of a law.  The response from the White House was basically we  don’t understand what you are saying and forwarded my letter to Home Land Security (I guess they are running the online  porn  But is no longer a porn site.  What most women don’t see is that without women  the internet would not even make the media.  Statistics prove that there are 1,000,000:1 women to men in the internet  images and videos.  No, I don’t support, promote nor condone pornography.  But when it affects children like did I am going to do my part to help stop it. I also got another internet site taken down when I went looking for Nickelodeon which I misspelled.  The local news come to  my house and I documented for them how I, not knowing how to spell the children’s TV channel found a site that was  peddling smoking and drug paraphernalia and had the appearance of a children’s site.  I swear that if you want to catch  even more pedophiles then create the website and have them sign up, post their personal info, and photos and  then take them down too.  I also suspect that if you put a naughty teen babysitter site you would not only catch men, but  mothers and teenage daughter in the same numbers who are peddling sex for money (but they wouldn’t be charged  because only men are criminals).  If it weren’t for woman porn on the intenet would only be homosexual.  So make sure you  check your “it’s only a guy thing” at the door when you are posting your own photos and videos ladies.  GOVERNMENT  But let’s also take a look into the government and the agencies for which it has designed to not only kidnap children but  promote the selling of the children they claim to protect.  CPS / DFCS is very well known for being above the law,  kidnapping children without just cause and then selling them to people who are willing to pay for them.  Recently the  national media has put out a cry to stop sex slave and child trafficking which I find ironic because it sends our military  troops into countries were daughters are sold for sex every day like the Philippines.  They never did anything to stop sex  slaves or trafficking of women in those countries why would they care about stopping it here?  The government could put a  stop or protect children from pornography but they don’t because far too many parents would complain that their freedoms  have been violated or they have too much power.  So where do you draw the line?    They are not welcome in the bedrooms but we want them to fix our problems.  We want them to protect and defend us but  not violate or abuse us.  How can you separate the two halves and still make the people happy?    Recently Missouri passed a law that make it a felony to parentally abduct a child for more than a specific period of time.  If  more than 6 months the parent could be jailed for as long as 15 years.  I saw just take away their rights as a parent, give  them 30 days and ten years of community service.  Make the time fit the crime.  No judge is going to sentence a woman to  jail for 15 years for not letting her child see the Father.  Taking a man’s drivers license will not make him pay child support  any more than throwing him in jail will.  Besides child support, alimony and family court attorneys are just creating Hostage  Children and backing the Babies 4 Bank schemes of women which hurt children.  Removing the Father from the families  is as cruel as keeping food from an animal.  4 CHILDREN, 2 MOTHERS & 1 FATHER
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