HELP MAKE KIDNAPPING ILLEGAL IN THE UNITED STATES! Hello, my name is Stephen and this is my son and daughters.  I have not seen or heard from my daughters since 2003  because their mother kidnapped them and has refused to permit any visitation or communication.  I have not seen my son  since November and the courts, law enforcement and attorneys tell me there is nothing that can be done.  While driving  him back to Georgia one day I pulled in to get him his favorite French fries and without thinking I headed back towards the  highway to get him back on time.  From the back I hear, “Daddy Pray.”  He was 2 1/2 and I cried, praising God, knowing  that without me (his Father) he may not know God.  The left photo was the last photo taken before my 9 month old son was parental kidnapped for 172 days.  The right photos  was the last time I saw my 5 year old son since October 25th, 2011.  He asked his mother why she wouldn’t let him have  more time with his Daddy and she said because the courts said you couldn’t.  This is not the truth.  The court set a  minimum number of days per month and left it up to the his mother to give him more.  But most mothers don’t give any  additional time to the fathers and interfere with what little bit of visitation we get anyway.    WHY ME  If you think for a second that I asked for any of this you are gravely mistaken.  I don’t need nor want 18 years of court  dates, attorneys and police reports.  If I had ever witnessed the true horror of this before hand, I probably would not have  wanted any children. I understand why so many fathers just walk away from their children. The physical, mental and  financial tolls do not justify the means to the end and there is no end or justice for Fathers or our children.  You hear about ‘dead beat Dad’s’ in the media a lot but what you don’t hear is bias, discrimination, injustice, mental and  physical abuse that Fathers are put through if they try to stay in their child’s life.  For those of us who have never stopped  fighting our lives have been reduced to decades, we have been incarcerated for false allegations against us and  incarceration for reporting mothers abusing our children.  DISABLED AND VETERANS  Being that I am a Veteran and I have disabilities Georgia also used those against me.  One DCFS worker was terminated  after review of his conduct for saying, ‘even if you get your son we will just take him back because of your disabilities.  But  how many service men have returned home only to find their belongings, their wives and their children long gone.  THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX  Think outside the box for a moment of a single incident of interference (not showing up) with visitation:  Example of just one visitation interference:  300 miles round trip (just to pick up - 600 miles if she shows up)      * fuel, wear and tear on the vehicle      * 3 hours of driving there      * 1 hour of waiting before filing a police report (if they permit it)      * 3 hours of driving back home  Interference requires waisted time and money, getting police reports, filing contempt which requires court  costs and weeks/months of waiting and even more miles (if her attorney doesn’t get a continuance).  Just one  day of a woman’s interference with visitation cab cost us thousands of dollars financially, horrible mental  torture, and impacts our lives for many months or even years.  In my case no justice has been served and  therefore the clock of injustice is still ticking.  It also reinforcing our loss of trust and faith in our law  enforcement, our courts and our country.  Since the original judge filed the divorce, custody and support order I have been held hostage to event  that have in fours years still not been resolved.  THAT IS COLD AND THAT IS INJUSTICE!  100 years ago you met face to face to settle a matter like men.  Now you have judges, attorneys, courts, and our  government rolling the single sided dice for you.  No matter what they roll you and your children lose!  Do you think I am  making all this up?  Do you think that I am lying.  Put your money where your mouth is and take a walk in my shoes.  Take  a walk in my children’s shoes and then tell me that I am lying.  Tonight, 4/02/2011, I was video chatting with my 4 year old son.  He wanted to see his train set that I am building for him  (and when possibly with him).  I said Daddy would like to finish it with you and he replied, I can’t drive Daddy.  How  could a 4 year old understand that if he could drive he could see his Daddy?  How many times has he asked,  pleaded and cried that he wants to see his Daddy?  How many time has someone explained to our son that  when he can drive he can see his Daddy? Sunday, Bloody, Sunday.  How many times must we sing this song? Courts, Attorneys and Law Enforcement don’t care because; “CHILDREN ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A CIVIL MATTER! Parental KIDNAPPING doesn’t matter to you unless it happens to you.  I can only pray that you are never subjected to it. COUNSELING IS THE ANSWER  The parent/child was very angry, hostile, combative and abusive.  Sure, you kidnapped our children, stole our money and  treated us like criminals.  They need counseling and can’t have their children until we say the children and parents can be  reunited.  By the way here’s my bill and the judges court order for you to attend the mandatory sessions.  If you don’t  cooperate I will just report that you are not to be re-united with the your parents/children because I have the power to do  that.  Months later, and thousands of dollars extorted for counseling the recommendation is made that while they have  improved they still require more help before I feel they are ready to be reunited.  Just see the video below and you will  see just how effective the counselors are.  FOSTER PARENTING & ADOPTION  What I find cruel and oppressive is that having completed my foster parenting course I could be paid to be a foster  parent...but can’t get justice to have my own children.  I must fix the damage that was done in another family, by the law  enforcement, the courts, the counselors and CPS.  As I enter an all too familiar case of the brainwashing by the mother  of my 4 year old son I am relive the unjust damage done from my first marriage, law enforcement, the courts, the  counselors and CPS and do not wish this to be forced upon my son as it was on my other children.  So like the mother in  the Bible who surrendered her biological child to the non-biological mother to save its life I too have been forced to make  the same decision to help insulate the amount of damage that would inevitably be brought to an already traumatized 4  year old to just the mother keeping as much of the government out of his life as possible.  The irony is that if the  government truly understood that they are pushing the people away (rather than drawing them near) they might care just  enough to bring effective change.  ONLY FATHERS ABUSE CHILDREN  What happens behind closed doors is not abuse when a mother does it.  It is true that men abuse children physically,  sexually and mentally but women do too.  Try telling the truth because the abuse of children by either parent is abuse  and hiding behind false allegations and lies that the father is the only abuser is child abuse too.  In the following video  you will see 28 children who were murdered but what you won’t see if the names or genders of who did it because they  don’t matter...THE CHILDREN DO!  ABOUT PAGE "The Birth Right"  “The Birth Right” which is currently a draft for a bill addresses fundamental flaws and oversights in the current laws of  our nation permitting non-custodial parents and children to be victimized by a hostile aggressive parent who is holding  the children hostage for money or using the children as a weapon against the other parent.  1. The Birth Right creates a 50/50 custody order at the time of birth for EVERY child in EVERY state.  It can nearly  eliminating parental alienations, parental abductions and parental kidnappings from the date of birth until the date the  first custody, support and visitation order can be created which currently can by up to 18 years. Yes, paternity would  have to be either DNS or by mutual consent of both parties.  If any challenge is raised after the birth then DNA would  also be used to resolve any paternity matters where mutual consent was used or for children who are born outside of  wedlock.  2. The children have the right to have both parents and if the mother wants state or government support then she will  know who the father is.   Currently the victim parent is held hostage to the abusing parent which not only causes undue  mental and physical stress but also financial hardships and burdens while the offender reaps unjust enrichment with  little care or concern that any serious crime is being committed.  3. The victim parent may file for court protection in their own county and state rather than chasing the run-a-way parent  from county to county, state to state and court to court and it eliminates the "option" for a women to not know who the  father is.  No more children will be abused by mothers Babies 4 Bank and other out of wedlock for profit schemes.  Talk  about DEAD BEAT MOMS! Using children for profit must be outlawed.  4. Jail terms for each level felony would not be set beyond what a county or state is willing to pursue on a regular basis.   Additionally the offenders legal and custodial rights to their children will be removed foremost, required to register as a  flight risk if running-a-way, abduction or kidnapping are involved as the minimum required punishments.  Mile, state and  national boundary limits must also be set.  For example, if a child(ren) is/are taken more than 100 miles, but not across  state lines then X applies.  A mothers right to parent does not supersede that of the father.  This is why 50/50 is key in  these cases.  Fathers in far too many cases are left off the birth certificate, the mothers cannot recall the father is or  have a long list of who the father may be.  The mother can just run down to Planned Parenthood and take the morning  after pill to ensure the death of a child or like recently on Dateline NBC states like Utah can take children without the  fathers consent through adoption.  Why have fathers been removed so far from the families? The only thing that the  Fathers are good for to the government is paying child support.  5. It helps reduce court case loads and “frivolous” calls to law enforcement.  Only when those parents who refuse to  make their own plan and work within it (and do not assume it is the both parents) will the court have to make a  modification AND ENFORCE IT. 6. Moving with a child.  There is nothing that prevents a parent from moving.   However most states recognized the need  for “move away” restrictions due to the overwhelming impact that many moves were having on the child(ren’s) and  other parent’s rights.  These rules must be incorporated into this bill.   The longer the distance between the move the  more time that it must be reported.  Prior to a move over 250 miles the moving parent is responsible for going to court  and getting a modified court order or must leave the children behind.  When the moving parent arrives at their  destination they have 96 hours to record the custody, visitation and support orders with that state and if a modification  of custody order is required after the move then the moving parent has 30 days to file for that change.  Likewise if the  parent who moved does not comply with the custody, visitation and or support orders then the victim parent may seek  (AND OBTAIN) justice through their local law enforcement and courts.  7. By making the order a joint custody order it eliminates the custodial parent which is one of the root causes of the  parental alienations and parental abductions and parental kidnappings which is such an epidemic today.  8. Law enforcement, CPS, attorneys, courts, etc.  take far to cavalier approach towards children because children are  “NOTHING MORE THAN JUST A CIVIL MATTER” to them.  Children’s rights are being violated across this nation every day  because they are neither citizens or even humans to law enforcement or the courts.  This is another key to help rebuild  family strength in this nation.  9. Today children are being held hostage for child support, babies 4 bank schemes, forced into foster homes and  adopted while the mothers attorney fees and court fees are all passed to the Fathers.  Each parent is responsible to pay  their own way. This alone takes away the incentive for people to stay in court trumping up drama until the children are  of no value any more to the mothers and the government agencies.   This is why I say there is only one place in the  family court for an attorney and that is both parents pay the attorney equally and the attorney only protects the child  (NIETHER PARENT). 10. Enforceability! A court order that is not enforced is useless and reflects not only the willingness of the law  enforcement and the courts willfulness to violate the children and other parents rights but that justice does not matter  to our nation’s government offices.  If you make the order then you enforce the order so that the victim parents don’t  have to spend years in court with dozens of unresolved complaints.  Non-custodial parents hear “he’s complaining” or  “he has no rights” or “no crime has been committed” far too often.  11. Father does not mean child support or alimony.  Both of those must be abolished.  With 50/50 or joint custody the  parent who is physical custody pays for the support of that child(ren) and vice versa.  Both parents pay into the medical,  school, and other expenses equally for the child.  12.  The children do not belong to the government.   In cases where the child(ren) has/have been removed from the  mother, father or both parents those agencies have a set period of time to resolve the matter and return the children to  the parents.   Even though there are cases where children must be protected and removal from one or both parents is  required the system has turned into a babies 4 bank organization that causes just as much harm to children as the  parents they were removed from.   Far too many cases have come to light where government corruption has destroyed  children and families through illegal, immoral and unjust abuse of power and authority.  Parenting is NOT a game! But far too often children and the non-custodial parent are played like an unwanted joker card  in a poker game.  When different counties and states, the North and South / East and West get involved the victim  parent and the children are subjected to the worlds largest game of Ping Pong!  Neither law enforcement nor the courts  want to do what is right and say they can’t while the children (being just a civil matter) continue to be abused by  everyone on every level.  When more than one agency is involved the jurisdiction of a child the alienated parent is  treated with little or no respect by the very agencies that were created to uphold the law.  Southern California wants to  prove it is more powerful than Northern California.  Georgia wants to prove that it can make up its own rules.  Alienated  parents and children have already been victimized enough.  By limiting the amount of avenues for hostile parenting  parental alienation would not be such a burden on our courts or our families.  If a court orders have neither weight nor merit then stop creating them.  An unenforceable order is worth less than a  piece of toilet paper to the victims. They are only enforced by law enforcement if they there is a felony or other serious  infraction.  Otherwise it is handled with indifference as nothing more (or less) than a waste of their time and resources.   This bill needs to be enacted at the Federal level so that no state, local or other jurisdiction may dilute, alter or modify  this order.  This bill is to be enforced by EVERY judge in EVERY court in each and EVERY state in the United States.  Far  too many court are simply able to ignore the UCCJEA and the PKPA and are permitted to dilute and or ignore any or even  all parts of the laws of children.    Mothers (and fathers) who abduct and kidnap their biological child(ren) are unjustly enriched while leaving the non-  custodial parent undue pain and suffering because unless they relocate (chase the abducting parent from county to  county, state to state and court to court they have no way of stopping the hostile aggressive parent from harming the  children.  The final point about the epidemic today is the paradigm that marriage is a temporary inconvenience in exchange for  assets and support.  Women and their attorneys are causing the single largest impact on children due to this nation’s  approach of Fathers being financially responsible for anything and everything.   Each parent must pay their own attorney  and moreover I say remove attorneys from the family divorce court unless they are representing the children ONLY!  I have seen what appears to be a shift in CPS policy from where they used dynamite on the families to now they appear  to be saying you don’t want us to help (in cases where there is just cause) to we’re putting them back in their families  abusive or not.  This extreme pendulum swing from one extreme to the other appears to be almost a retaliatory strike at  the parents who have fought for their rights which I can only see just as much harm coming from too.  Bring everyone’s  (law enforcement, CPS/DCS/DFCS/etc, courts, etc) pendulum back to center and there is a happier medium that works  best especially when there is a parent (mother or father) who poses a serious threat to children.  False allegations of sexual abuse have been the mothers weapon of choice when she does not get what she wants and in  nearly 100% of those cases the victim father right to justice was not only violated as those cases were dropped  repeatedly but in the fact that the prosecution did not pursue criminal charges against the other party they had just  defended.  Do we really need yet another agency to do the job of the first? Just remember the children are the real  victims and not matter how soft an agency outside the family handles them damage is still done.  The first time my son was abducted he was 9 months old and he was held for 172 days.  Again, I have not seen my since  October 25th, 2010 and today is August 28, 2011.  While the mothers are being unjustly enriched this nation is wiping its  feet on the Fathers. 
Is there a solution to this horrible problem?

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The reason that I say that the moving parent must be held  accountable for the transportation fees is because if they  choose to move the non-moving parent is not able to simply  look online to see when they are moving, where they are  moving, or even trust that the run-a-way parent will either  keep them informed in a timely manner or that they (and the  child(ren) will not just disappear without a trace.    If there are a variety of airports, like in San Francisco (San  Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, San Jose) which airport  will be used and will it be up to the moving parent to pick  and choose randomly and without notice to the other  parent?  How will the receiving parent know if a child is on  the airport without contacting the airline?  Some parents  refuse to cooperate with the letter of the law so why would  presume that they would comply with the spirit of the law? 
But can you think of anything that could go wrong with  minors traveling alone?  How about when the airlines act as  their parents and permit them to fly anywhere they want to?   The video to the left is just one case where SouthWest  Airlines did just that.  Permitting three minors to fly without  any identification, without contacting the parents for  permission, or even saying wait a minute.  The kids said they went right through security and told to  hurry because they may miss their flight.  Talk about  proving my point that there is no such thing as minors in the  U.S. anymore (they are just young adults).  What if they  were traveling to meet someone that they had met online?   My 1st wife took our children to Costa Rica without my  knowledge or permission but somehow was stopped when  she tried to take them to Egypt.  Why?  Fathers don’t  matter in just about any other thing mothers want to do. 
THE FEMINIST FACTOR Feminist’s are not spewing a new mantra “all men are  sex offenders.  But again but you repeat something  you’ve heard then you need to take a look at reality.   So many people today just take anything the media  spews as fact and law when it is mostly fiction and  manipulated programming.  Do you recall, “tastes good like a cigarette should” or  “plot, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is?”  You were  being programmed.  Today Facebook’s Framville is the Camel cigarette of the 70’s.